I stared at him, trying to think of a way to back out and coming up frustratingly empty. _Look, let's pretend for a few minutes that I am not the worst possible person on earth to discuss this with, because for some .png

Cathal Kinnery is an arrogant, overeducated jerk, and Damon Eglamore is not afraid to tell him so. But Damon married Cathal’s best friend, so they have an uneasy truce. Then she passes away. Now they’re stuck together in close quarters, trying to honor her memory without shouting at each other all the time.

At first, they have no idea how to move forward. Damon is a cook, but all his favorite recipes remind him of his late wife. Cathal would love to start tomcatting around town again, except for that annoying promise he made to his best friend about looking after Damon.

Then Damon’s son comes to them for help, convinced the only way to win over his first crush is a genderfluid Shakespeare production. After that, Cathal talks Damon into taking up baking as a new way to use his talents. Next thing they know, they’ve begun a new life working as a team instead of jumping at each other’s throats. But can they trust each other long enough to make it last, or will they fall into old bad habits again?

Coming from Ninestar Press October 29th, 2018.


Gareth has a problem: he got expelled. Now he and his twin brother Morgan have to start over at an artsy new private school, and Morgan’s crippling social anxiety and Gareth’s resting jerk face aren’t making them any friends. Not to mention his father is furious with him. Gareth would be okay with all of this, only Morgan’s mad at him too, and Morgan is the only person alive who can make Gareth feel guilty.

Good thing Gareth has a plan: cute, bubbly Felix, a student at their new school, has a crush on Morgan, and they both want to act in their school’s production of Midsummer Night’s Dream. Gareth figures it’s the perfect way to help Morgan come out of his shell and set him up with Felix. Then maybe Morgan will forgive him and Gareth can go back to not caring about anything or anyone.

But Gareth has another problem: he’s been cast as Oberon, and Felix is Titania. Oh, and Morgan doesn’t like Felix back. And maybe Gareth is enjoying the play and making new friends and having a good time at his new school. And maybe—just maybe—he’s got a crush on Felix. Can Gareth keep his tough guy act up long enough to repair his relationship with Morgan, or will Felix get caught in the fallout of Gareth’s dumb schemes?

A YA midquel to Death of a Bachelor, coming February 2019.