When Damon Eglamore’s wife dies, his life falls apart. His only talent is cooking, but everything he tries to make reminds him of his wife. His teenage son isn’t talking to him. Worst of all, his wife asked her best friend, Cathal Kinnery, to look after Damon—but Cathal is an arrogant, overeducated jerk who treats Damon like scum on the bottom of his shoe.

Or, at least, that’s what Damon always thought. Then Cathal helps Damon develop a new passion for baking. And then he encourages Damon’s son to win over his new crush via a crossdressing Shakespeare production. Now he’s apologizing for the way he’s treated Damon all these years. He might be able to help Damon fumble his way into fixing his life, but first Damon has to trust him, and given their history, that’s easier said than done.

Coming from Ninestar Press October 15th, 2018.